11. Anadeo Consulting Conference

Since 2005, Anadeo organises the Anadeo Consulting Conference (ACC) annually. In meetings and workshops, current topics/tasks of our business are presented and further discussed and elaborated by the consultants.

The ACC is always held at a different location in Europe. Previous destinations were, among others, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rome, Mallorca and Zurich. In doing so, the cultural aspect in the form of team building events is not neglected.

Impressions of our ACC in Berlin from April 29th to 1 May 1st 2016:

The topics “Regulatory requirements in a 3-class company: IT systems in transition” and “Trade Manager / Market Interface” were on the agenda this time. The speakers were Tobias Werner (Manager Anadeo AT) and Tim Henseling (Consultant). The three managing directors Giovanni Marchi, Stefan Scheible and Renato Strah also looked at the coming months and project tasks.

Contact persons: Giovanni Marchi, Stefan Scheible, Renato Strah.