Trading – Clearing

Optimise "Time to Market"

Optimise "Time to Market"

The readiness for innovation in the financial industry has strongly increased in recent years. The competitive position in the area of “trading” is especially determined by a company’s ability for a rapid “time to market” in addition to costs.

We support our customers in the optimisation of trading systems/landscape (see also compliance) as well as in the “launch” of new products. Our many years of experience in the asset classes fixed income, equity, money market, credit and commodity enable us to support customers in system selection as well as implementation (exchange connectivity etc.) and process optimisation. Here, we see that trading architecture does not “stand alone”, but we connect it with all upstream and downstream systems.

We are very familiar with the accompanying clearing obligations of the retail trade, and we also support our customers in the optimisation of their collateral management in addition to the linking to clearing houses.