Requirements Management

Change is the only true Constant

Requirements Management:
Change is the only true Constant

Traditionally Software Implementation Projects take a couple of months – a period where many things may change. From experience such changes come with any project, the world is not static.

The reasons for scope creep are manifold: new tax regulations, reporting obligations, mandates, financial instruments, processes, software opportunities… Unfortunately there is no common answer to the questions how to address such changes in a running project.

With astute Requirements Management, Anadeo supports you in finding the best way for you, avoiding traps and without unsettling the teams work. We know the legal frame, the variance analysis, the potentials of software. We facilitate decision processes and will discuss possible solutions with decision makers outside the project.

We offer what you need most in this case: credibility, excellent contacts with software companies. We keep the necessary distance not to loose for the larger picture.