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Knowledge is certainly our biggest Asset. But we offer even more.

Knowledge is certainly our biggest Asset. But we offer even more.

Three guiding principles stand for what is shaping our work – and what ensures maximum benefits for our customers:

Only highly skilled specialists work for Anadeo. Consulting teams, staffed according to the specificities of the project combine Asset Management knowledge, technology and project management. The interaction of these competences assures consulting services and implementation on the highest level – we achieve the goals that you define. In time, in budget and in quality.

Though an external partner, Anadeo operates like an internal task force. Throughout the entire project, our team will be on location, always accessible and on top of the subject. Without intimate knowledge of the business processes individual solutions cannot be found. Notwithstanding the closeness, we keep an unbiased view that makes good consulting, while providing the necessary confidentiality and trust our customers need.

Cross-linking of knowledge is the base of our success. Cooperation is always also enrichment. In the end, results are more important. Hence, we will also assume the role as project managers who coordinate external and internal resources if direct engagement within the existing structures is deemed less appropriate. Accordingly you may commission us with parts of a project and be assured that we will integrate your staff into the knowledge transfer by intensive familiarisation and training.

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Every Anadeo consultant would have deserved to be presented here – but now there are so many that it would go beyond the scope of this show. Despite this continuous growth…



The Anadeo team – the Specialists for Strategy and Technology in Asset Management.