System Implementation

System Implementation

For the system-technical implementation of operational processes, different approaches can be chosen regarding the IT architecture for the asset management systems:

Wall-to-Wall – technical implementation of all processes in the value chain in one system

Best of Breed – business and technical separated processes in specialized software, technical mapping of data processing along the value chain and implementation of a high level of automation using interfaces)

IBOR / ABOR approach – System-technical separation between IBOR and ABOR as a hybrid approach, especially when functions of an asset manager are outsourced to service providers.

This results in different requirements for an implementation project.

One approach may make more sense than the other, depending on the tasks and requirements of an asset manager. Anadeo Consulting is not dogmatic about a specific approach and has implemented solutions based on a wide variety of approaches.

Anadeo customers benefit from the fact that Anadeo can offer services and support through the complete life cycle of a project. Anadeo does not consider itself to be a pure system implementer, but as an expert partner of implementation projects. We support our clients during all processes in the implementation of a project:

  • Selection process of a solution
  • Project planning and organizing the implementation of the associated project management during the project
  • Drafting of professional requirements concepts (also in consultation with auditors)
  • Composing concepts for realization and implementation in the system based on existing laws, expert opinions or test reports
  • Implementation of the concepts in the system in the form of system configuration, interfaces, reports etc. front to back
  • Migration of data to the system to be implemented with appropriate tools for extracting from the legacy system, data conversion, import into the new system and all coordination activities
  • Design and definition of the new business and technical processes oriented towards the organizational structure of the asset manager
  • Organization, management and execution of the test cycles consisting of a prototype/developer test, an integrative system test and professional test with the relevant specialist areas
  • Support for production start-up and aftercare in the production environment

Based on the decades of experience gained by Anadeo employees in very large as well as complex implementation projects, Anadeo has proven methods and the best practices to lead implementation projects along the path to success.

Anadeo has particular experience in the System SimCorp Dimension. This is a comprehensive investment management software platform designed specifically for asset managers and institutional investors. SimCorp Dimension’s core features include:

The Anadeo employees not only support their customers in planning and analyzing the processes but also assist them in the implementation and the GoLive process of the relevant SimCorp configurations.

In addition to SimCorp Dimension, there are many other asset management and banking systems that are part of Anadeo’s consulting services. Over the last 20 years, Anadeo as a team has supported various customers in the introduction of numerous systems and has the relevant implementation experience. Blackrock Aladdin, Calypso, banqpro/ and tambas+, thinkFolio, Bloomberg AIM, S&P / Markit EDM and Xentis are just a few examples of central asset management systems that cover that cover the requirements of Anadeo’s customers.

The importance of data management in the asset management market is increasing driven by the raising complexity of financial products, markets as well as regulatory requirements and the associated reporting. Anadeo offers extensive services in this area too including data modeling tools such as dataspot. These tools enable users to create, visualize and manage data models that represent the structure of databases or information systems.

  • Data Model Creation: Users can define tables, entities, relationships, and attributes to represent the structure of the database or information system.
  • Visualization: Graphical representation of data models to make their structure and relationships easy to understand.
  • Database design: Data models can be exported to SQL code or other database management system formats to support implementation in a real database.
  • Collaboration: Multiple users can work on a data model at the same time and track changes.
  • Documentation: Creation of documentation and descriptions for data models.
  • Backward and forward development: It provides functionality for reverse engineering existing databases as well as forward development of new data models.
  • Validation and testing: Data models can be checked for consistency and errors. Through such tools, Anadeo can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of creating and managing databases and information systems.

Through such tools, Anadeo can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of creating and managing databases and information systems.