Generating benefits from obligations.

Generating benefits from obligations.

A formal wake-up call for banks and their trading systems are the EU regulations currently under implementation or recently implemented. With MiFIR / MAR / EMIR rules have once again been set in motion which affect a large part of the value chain driven by commercial financial institutions. For this reason, it is extremely important to optimise the system landscape to cope with the large number of requests and of course to act cost effectively. In many businesses, a “proliferation” has emerged in relation to the number of systems and technology in the trading architecture. This fact increases the project costs that arise with new requirements as well as the costs of the ongoing operation. The current regulatory wave suggests revising the architecture in a sustainable manner.

The development of a “slim” multi-asset system landscape may be the answer to the growing demands made by the regulations as well as to the ever-increasing complexity.

Anadeo Consulting has extensive experience in the analysis of trading systems in relation to regulatory requirements and in the design and implementation of effective platforms. We take into account the resulting opportunities and risks and gladly discuss your optimal solution with you.