Project Management


Project Management: rent-a-management

Issues such as the in- and outsourcing of business processes, the integration of acquisitions, a new regulatory requirement, and the implementation and / or specification of new software affect a company’s central nervous system – this makes the management of such projects extremely sensitive. Therefore, Anadeo does not see the project management as a separate service, which could also be taken over by an expert manager. On the contrary: the profound understanding of the project is conditio sine qua non for success.

Anadeo assumes the project management at the customer ensuring a high level of reliability and knowledge. Our consultants are able to understand and judge the tasks of all project team members individual. They are equipped with the necessary project management skills and expertise to master critical obstacles in the implementation phase. The resulting all-embracing competency ensures quality and efficiency.

A methodologically diligent approach is granted. It includes adequate controlling, the tool to report on the status of the project at any given point in time. Hence, project reporting has to be as detailed as necessary without causing inadequate overheads or impeding the progress. The Case Study on the introduction of a new Back-office-system serves as a good example.