Anadeo as an employer

Reciprocity: Anadeo as an employer.

Reciprocity: Anadeo as an employer.

The basic prerequisites for excellent work are your abilities and your motivation: Anadeo provides a framework in which you can unfold both.

Work environment

In an interdisciplinary team of specialists, you work at the customer’s premises during the entire duration of the project – ideally located in attractive locations all over Germany and in other European countries – or remote. An open, partnership-based communication, constructive teamwork, appreciation for the individual and the joy of success characterize the atmosphere.

Mentoring program

At Anadeo, you are assisted by a personal mentor who will accompany and advise you in all aspects of career development, qualification and further education. Not only in the beginning, but also on your further journey you profit from its protection, its professional experience and its knowledge.

Training and further education

Together with your mentor, your personal training plan is also developed – the permanent support and development of your professional, technical and personal competence is a central point at Anadeo. Together with the knowledge you gather on-the-job, you develop a unique profile with a high degree of specialization.

Assessment and career development

As a fairly young company, Anadeo Consulting is characterized by flat structures – that means you have the best opportunities for advancement. A fair assessment system makes your development transparent: the basis is your personal scorecard and a semi-annual project evaluation. In the annual meeting, your overall performance is assessed on this basis, new objectives defined, further training measures agreed – and decisions on bonuses and promotion.

Remuneration and extras

Your salary meets the high demands we place on you – above-average achievements and successes are rewarded through a bonus system. For your education and training, we provide a solid training budget, for your future a direct insurance. With a high-quality technical equipment we support your daily work. And with 30 days of vacation a year, we also give you the freedom to relax appropriately.