20 Years Anadeo Consulting

“Caelum non animum mutant, qui trans mare currunt”. No other sentence better than this immortal thought by poet Horace could summarize better Anadeo’s spirit and journey of the past 20 years.

Anadeo was founded in November 2003. In the aftermath of the Dot com bubble and of the 9/11 attack the industry has been heavily shaken and has just experienced incredible changes, but our receipt was simple, “be independent, flexible and use your knowledge and passion to help the clients to succeed”.

And indeed, we could not even have imagined how much more was about to change! The entity of technological and social change experienced by our industry and society in general in the past two decades has been simply astonishing, in fact the way our clients and partners run their business has changed in the most impressive way.

During this time, we witnessed from time-to-time challenging financial market conditions, major bankruptcies, wars, pandemics but also major IT revolutions like the introduction of smart phones, the invention of social networks, high speed mobile networks, cloud computing, blockchain and crypto currencies, the rise of China and Asia, artificial intelligence, home office and more.

All these developments also contributed to new legislative and regulatory requirements, that the industry had to face.

Consequently, our clients had to introduce major changes in their systems, processes, outsourcing policies, as well as in their use of technology and the way they do business altogether. We are proud to have contributed to those developments.

The asset management industry has already become more interconnected, digitalized and international; and the pace of the IT revolution seems to keep accelerating every day with the IT playing a more dominant role in each and every organization.

Our strong commitment to deliver, adapt to change and the close partnerships with our customers have been a constant part of our journey.

We wish all our customers and partners, current and former employees, continued success in their business activities and hope to have the chance to support you in the future as an independent, solution-oriented and trustworthy partner.

Renato, Stefan, Giovanni